NECTAR Sleep Mattress Review

We All Face Lack of Sleep.

Let’s face it – you are not giving your body and mind the quality of sleep it deserves. The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized. A good night’s sleep removes toxins from your brain, helps restore the body, and invigorates the mind. Health experts have often stressed that quality sleep is essential for anyone that wants to live a healthy life. In fact, there is no substitute for it.

On the other hand, poor sleep can ruin your life in many ways. If you take a little time to search the web for consequences of poor sleep, you’ll find an array of health-related issues.

Have you imagined, for instance, that your struggle with weight could be a result of poor sleep? Or that you have a greater risk of heart diseases and stroke if you don’t get quality sleep? In fact, good sleep ranks as a main pillar of health, just as important as nutrition and exercise.

The Culprit? Your Bed.

There are several ways a bad bed can interfere with your sleep and make your rest a nightmare. The positioning of your body as you sleep will depend, to a great extent, on the mattress you use. The overall comfort you derive from your sleep is also influenced by the quality of the bed. The way it handles your weight; how hard or soft it is; the way it handles movement; how it controls temperature; and springiness are some of the factors that may influence the comfort you experience when using a mattress.

There is no denying the fact that your bed has so much influence on the quality of sleep you can get. It is essential, therefore, that you get a mattress that will ensure you wake up fully recharged and ready to face the world each day.

Choosing can be difficult.

When looking for the best mattress to buy, you have so many options that choosing the right one can become quite difficult. There are so many wonderful companies producing top-notch mattresses and will quickly call what they have the very best. It will definitely be hard for you, as an outsider to the industry, to understand how the products are rated. This is probably why you are reading this article right now. It is certainly why we are here – to guide you appropriately in your quest for the best mattress that will deliver the right value and let you sleep as comfortably as you deserve.


Nectar has joined the league of best mattress makers in the United States and already claims to offer the most comfortable mattress in the industry. There are several reasons to believe this claim, and we will try as best we can to explain to you, in the simplest terms, what you need to know about this mattress and why it may be the best option for you.

Before we proceed to explain in detail why we think this may be the best mattress you can buy in the market, here are few points to think about:

  • Most customers that have bought the Nectar Sleep mattress claim that it is the best they have ever used
  • The mattress has a lifetime warranty, and you will enjoy an incredible 365-night risk-free trial
  • The product has become so popular that demand is often greater than supply

The points highlighted above do not summarize the qualities of the Nectar sleep mattress. It is just an early summary to show you why we feel it is the best option for you. Several amazing features make Nectar an amazing product, and we will go into detail below.

Upgrading From Traditional Mattresses.

Mattresses have been around for centuries, and there have been changes in the materials and technology used in producing them. What exactly makes this particular one different from the other options in the market?

Traditional mattresses are normally made with columns of coils and finished up with some topper. These toppers are normally filled with different types of stuffing and padding. Some modern mattresses have different layers of foams as their toppers. The changes that have occurred in the industry are generally improvements in the materials used.

With Nectar, the game has been completely changed regarding the technology used. With several pieces of research, new ways of making quality gel foam layers have revolutionized the industry and Nectar is one of the few products using the very best materials and technology. There are no forms of coils in the mattress. The bulk of the mattress is composed of foams that are strong, breathable, and very comfortable.

What Type of Mattress Is Nectar?

Nectar is a memory foam mattress. Memory foams were first introduced in 1966 to improve the safety of aircraft cushion. It was an exclusive project under a contract with the Ames Research Center of NASA. Over the years, the foam was commercialized and was mostly used in hospital settings for patients that needed to lie for a long time in their beds. Memory foam mattresses helped significantly alleviate the suffering of these patients. At that time, memory foams were too expensive for home use. With time, however, these foams have become cheaper, and Nectar is producing some of the best.

The traditional memory foam mattresses have the reputation of providing a comfortable sleep surface that can retain their original shape over a long period of time. They are also reputed for their superior motion isolation, which means that when someone is moving on one side of the bed, a person on the other side will not feel the movement. The surface of a memory foam mattress will also conform to the figure of the person sleeping on it to align the spine and target pressure points for optimum comfort. The memory foam mattresses also create little to no noise since they do not have coils.

Generally, nectar mattresses will be the perfect option for you if you have always dreamed of experiencing that deep-cradling hug that will make you sleep like a child.

Nectar is Miles Ahead.

Nectar has been very innovative in its manufacturing process. Their products are better than the traditional memory foams in many ways, and we will now concentrate on those wonderful qualities.

Comfort and Quality.

Nectar is a well-rounded mattress that offers equal levels of support and an ultra-dense foam structure. It is designed with unique breathing airflow that offers complete comfort. The top layer of gel memory foam is also finished with a Tencel infused quilted cover that offers its own benefits. The combination of all these features make the mattress feeling like new every day. From year to year, you will keep enjoying guaranteed therapeutic and restful night sleep. And again, there is also an incredible warranty period that we consider the best in the industry.

The Value.

In addition to comfort and quality, Nectar Sleep Mattress presents incredible value. It is a perfect product for individuals that are looking for the advantages of a luxury foam but are still looking for something affordable. When you consider the kind of comfort and the quality of the mattress, it is likely that you will assume that it must be expensive. This is not actually the case. Nectar offers their mattresses at such friendly rates that some may consider too good to be true. None of the sizes cost more than a thousand dollars. Nectar also recently dropped all of their prices – we’ll dig into specifics later on in this article.

But What’s the Catch?

There is actually no catch at all. Nectar has perfected their production process to offer their products at such incredible prices. With what they have to offer, you and everyone in your household can significantly improve the quality of sleep you get. You can order different sizes to take care of the needs of every member of your household.

The fact that Nectar has eliminated the activities of middlemen can be one of the main reasons their mattress offers such amazing value. Their wholesale, straight-from-the-factory business model is definitely one of the reasons their mattress is such a bargain.

And do not forget that there is an incredible full-year trial period. Yes, you can use the product for as long as one year before taking full ownership.

No Wonder They Are Catching National Attention.

Oh yes! Nectar is catching much attention on a national level. If you watch television a lot, you must have seen a commercial or a piece about the company and their efforts in delivering quality and value. The fact that that the high volume of customers causes a waiting period between order and delivery is a testimony to how popular their mattress has become. As reported in November 2017, the company sold over 50,000 beds and generated $35 million in revenue. The company has reportedly been growing at an impressive 20% every month. You would expect that from a company that has been offering help to even people that are not yet customers through their website.

From the Nectar website where you can buy the sleep mattress, there are some helpful sleep tools like sleep calculator, mattress size guide, sleep position guide, and better sleep e-book available for free to everyone.

Perfect Level of Firmness.

Unlike what you may see in other memory foams, the Nectar Sleep Mattress comes in only one firmness level that will suit people of different sizes. The company lists the firmness to be at 5.5 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 – 10. In reality, the firmness level of the mattress is around 6, and this has been described as perfect by most sleepers already using the product.

According to studies, people of different sizes will be comfortable on beds that fall between 5 and 7 on the firmness scale, and the Nectar mattress fits perfectly in this range. This means it is not too soft and certainly not too hard for the body. It is the right level of firmness for your back as it will keep your spine straight even as it is soft enough to relieve pressure.

The mattress will adjust to offer comfort to different individuals of different weights. When you first lie, it may feel very soft until the layers beneath the top that are denser start activating. It doesn’t respond instantly to pressure but will take a few seconds. This quality will benefit individuals of different weights. It will generally feel firmer for a heavier individual, but overall, it offers support for some and pressure relief for others.

The mattress is perfect for different types of sleepers. Due to its different layers and the way it responds to pressure, whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, it will give the needed support to make you comfortable.

Different Layers.

As you would expect, the Nectar Sleep mattress has different layers that help to give you the needed support and pressure relief. The first layer is a thin slab of quilted memory foam. It provides good air circulation and is responsible for cooling and cleanliness. It is also the first aspect of the foam that contributes to pressure relief.

The second layer is a thicker gel memory foam that is infused with temperature regulation gel that helps to keep you cool. It will pull heat away from your body and dissipate it throughout the rest of the mattress. It responds slowly to your weight, thereby offering pressure relief too.

The third layer is made of LushFoam, which is Nectar’s patented premium gel memory foam. It is definitely one of the best in the market and distributes weight and heat smoothly.

The fourth layer is the Hi Core adaptive memory foam. As the name suggests, this is the layer that plays the most significant role in the foams ability to adapt to your weight. It will respond to any pressure with the right amount of rebound and support. It will prevent you from sinking too much and provides the mattress with most of its bounce.

The fifth and final layer is the foundational breathable base layer that is made of high-density foam that is perfectly designed to offer superior stability for the mattress and increased airflow for improved ventilation.

The choice of materials used by Nectar is commendable. Most of the amazing properties of the mattress are because of the interaction among the different layers. They are perfectly joined to offer you comfort as you sleep.

Enter the Tencel Cooling Cover.

The cover of the Nectar Sleep Material is a perfect blend of cotton and Tencel. This combination has many attractive features. For starters, though it is not flamboyant in any way, it is still very attractive. The gray side panels perfectly complement the top layer of white fabric and checkered pattern. The way the Nectar logo is delicately embossed into the fabric is classical in all sense.

Asides from the great look, the cover is optimized to feel amazing. It is soft, breathable, and contributes to cooling and the soft feeling you get when you lie on the mattress.

The Tencel cooling cover is also the part of the mattress that is bedbug resistant. If you are one of the 20% of Americans that have suffered from an infestation of these pesky little organisms, you will appreciate Nectar more. You won’t have to worry about these bloodsuckers that attack when you are most vulnerable as the cover offers 100% protection against them.

Another great thing about this cover is the fact that it can be easily unzipped and spot cleaned. It is very easy to maintain. More good news! Nectar offers a one-time replacement when your cover becomes damaged or stained. All you need to do is contact the company, and they will send your brand new cover free of charge.

Advanced Temperature Control Technology.

It is obvious that Nectar was really out to ensure that users obtain maximum comfort while sleeping. The temperature control technology employed in making the mattress is top of class. The Tencel cover is breathable and keeps cool naturally; the patented LushFoam is designed to dissipate heat efficiently.

There are actually two gel foam layers that use thermo-regulating gel to disperse the heat generated from your body when you are sleeping. Even the layers below are equally breathable and enhance airflow that will prevent heat from building up. All these features combine to ensure that you sleep cool throughout the night.

The fact that the mattress does not sag with time also means that it is less likely to trap heat like the traditional memory foam mattresses. If you are one of those that sweat when you sleep, you will quickly notice the ability of Nectar to keep the sweat at bay.

Responsive Enough for Couples.

For couples that are still active, there is a need for some level of springiness for nighttime activities. The Nectar Sleep Mattress is a good fit for your fun activities. It is understandable that there are some that may doubt this. After all, memory foam beds are known for being static. But as we have already highlighted, Nectar is better than your average Memory foam. The mattress rebounds quite well unlike others, thanks to the responsive, adaptive Hi Core layer. The fact that it makes little or no noise at all means that you can have the stability and springiness you need to enjoy your fun activities without any form of noisy distraction from the bed.

The Hi Core layer does not only offer bounce and recovery. It also prevents you from getting stuck in any given position. You can move about the mattress easily with no form of resistance from the upper layers of the mattress.

Edge Support.

This is one department you may not rate the Nectar mattress excellent. It is certainly above average, however. You should expect a certain level of sinking when you sit at the edge of any bed and Nectar does sink but not as much as other brands. Even when you place your entire weight on the edge, the compression will be minimal.

Minimal Motion Transfer to Prevent Waking Your Partner Up.

Another area where Nectar Sleep Mattress beats competitors in the market is the way it handles motion transfer. The level of bounce it offers is just enough to let you have a great time with your partner. Motion transfer is quite subdued, meaning that movement will be isolated effectively.

The advantage of this is that it minimizes the chances of the sleep pattern of a partner affecting the other partner. Even if your partner changes position steadily while sleeping, you may never feel the movement on the other side of the bed unless you are touched.

Another scenario where this can be very helpful is when you or your partner is slipping out of bed. The movement on the bed will be limited to that part of the bed, making it impossible for the other partner to be disturbed by the movement. The multiple layers of the mattress ensure that only the upper layers move when there is motion in one part. It will take someone bouncing vigorously on the bed to make the lower and denser layers move and make someone on another side of the mattress feel the movement.

The fact that the mattress makes little to no noise at all also contributes to less disturbance as a result of the movement of a partner. If you and your partner work on different schedules, this is a quality you will definitely enjoy.

Durability of Nectar.

From all indications, Nectar Sleep Mattress has a long lifespan. It can actually outlive most other mattresses in the market. It is manufactured with the very best materials in the industry, and the production process exceeds industry standards. The company inspects all their products perfectly before shipping so you can rest assured that it is the best quality and will last for decades.

Fully Certified.

Nectar is CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX certified. These are organizations that ensure that products are of the required quality and do not have any substances that can harm the environment in any way. These certifications prove that Nectar mattresses are made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. It also means that they are made without substances that deplete the ozone layer or other banned substances like Azo colorants, formaldehydes, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, and nickel. These certifications should give you the peace of mind that you are sleeping on a mattress that is not just comfortable but also safe.

What’s the Price?

As we have maintained throughout this review, Nectar Sleep Mattress is a bargain buy. All the sizes are available at wonderful prices. The pricing details are summarized in the table below.

Size Dimension Height Price
Twins 39 X 75” 11” $524
Twin extra-large (XL) 39 X 80” 11” $594
Full 54 X 75” 11” $724
Queen 60 X 80” 11” $824
King 76 X 80” 11” $924
California King 72 X 84” 11” $924

The prices here are the regular prices when you buy from the company’s website. Discounts may apply when you buy with coupons.

Don’t Forget the 365-Night Risk-Free Trial.

This is one of the most incredible things about this mattress. You have an entire year to decide if you want to keep your mattress or you want to return it. From experience, we assure you that you will fall in love with your mattress. If, however, you feel that you do not like it enough, Nectar will gladly take it back and refund you fully. The company will also take care of the return shipping. This means that the trial period is absolutely risk-free. The company will even arrange and coordinate pickup services for all mattress returns at no cost to you. You don’t even have to keep the original mattress packaging.

During the trial period, you can also exchange your mattress for another model of Nectar. All you need to do is purchase the replacement and Nectar will refund you for the one you wish to return and deliver your new order at no extra cost.

 Forever Warranty.

In addition to the industry-leading trial period, Nectar also offers you forever warranty. This is to let you have a better understanding of the quality of the product and the confidence of the company on their product. The lifetime warranty is for all their mattresses. It is divided into two periods.

The first period starts from the date of original purchase till the date it completes 10 years. During this time, the company will replace any defective mattress with a new model at no cost at all.

After the first period of 10 years, the company will repair all defective mattresses. You will have to pay a total of $100 to ship the mattress to the company and back to your home. The charges can be waived if the defect is considered to be the result of manufacturing flaws.

The warranty covers visible indentations that measure at least 1 ½” and are not caused by owner’s misuse or improper foundational support. It also covers manufacturing flaws including cracked or broken zippers, as well as physical flaws that cause the foam to split or crack.

Further Value.

When it comes to value, Nectar Sleep Mattress is one of the best products you will ever spend your money on. You can conveniently purchase any of their mattress from their website. They do not operate any brick-and-mortar showroom. Their website is available 24/7 and you can place your order anytime you want. As explained earlier, Nectar’s popularity has grown so much that demand can be greater than supply most of the time. There may be a waiting period, but your mattress will be shipped to you as early as possible.

Shipping is totally free for all buyers within the 48 contiguous US states. If you order from Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, there will be shipping charges.

Nectar also offers an optional white glove delivery service for $149. This service includes packaging removal and in-home assembly. For an additional $20, it will also include removal of your old mattress.

We Highly Recommend Nectar Sleep Mattress for You If:

  • You want a mattress that delivers comfort and support for the perfect sleep.
  • You want a mattress that delivers luxury at a pocket-friendly rate.
  • You want a mattress that is certified and very safe.
  • You want a mattress that delivers the best value for your money.

By all standards, the Nectar Sleep Mattress is an absolute steal that most buyers love. There is no doubt that you will love it too. Try Nectar today.

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