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Our team of professionals has strong expertise in embedded solutions, takes the time to thoroughly understand your requirements, and builds custom solutions, by adding additional features into our existing single board computer or by designing new boards. Design agreements can include flexible terms of ownership of the final design.


We move quickly from the design table to functional products by interacting closely with our clients to understand all specifications needed to create their dream products. A controller with menus & applications can be custom built in 2 to 4 months, enabling quick to market solutions.


We develop complete "ready to market" products which consist of enclosure design (based on readily available enclosures, or custom designed), hardware design (schematic & PCB design), user interface design (membrane keyboards/touch screens), firmware/software design, and product approvals (FCC, CE etc...).


Many times, custom designed electronics are needed to connect to a PC for controlling or data uploading/downloading purposes (e.g. a data acquisition system). We fully support and supplement our hardware designs with PC side software development.




Medical Instruments, Packing machines, Textile Factory Automation, Automated Test Systems, Hand held instruments, Energy monitoring, Automated Lab equipments, Printing machines, Machine tools, Telecom, Networked Appliances.


Application Software:

We have experience in developing applications in Windows and Linux platforms using, Visual C#, Visual C++, .NET, C, Perl, PHP etc.



C, C++, C#, Assembly languages, .NET Micro framework, PLM, VHDL, Device Drivers for Linux.


CPLD (Xilinx: XC9576), FPGA, DSPs (Texas Instruments: TMS320VC5505), 8051, ARM (NXP: LPC2388, LPC2468), PIC, ADC, Stepper motors, Pressure sensors, Temperature sensors, Cypress PSOC, etc.

Software Development in San Diego, CA